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Biography Of Mahesh

Date of Birth 9 August 1975 , Madras, India
Birth Name Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu
Nickname Prince
Height 6' 3" (1.91 m)
Mini Biography
Ghattamaneni Mahesh Babu was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, to prominent Telugu Cinema Actor Krishna Ghattamaneni and Smt. Indira Devi on August 9, 1975. He isthe younger brother of actor turned producer Ramesh Babu Ghattamaneni . He also has two elder sisters, Padmavathi and actress-producer Manjula Ghattamaneni and one younger sister Priyadarshini.Mahesh's childhood was spent mostly in Madras underthe care of his paternal grandmother Smt. Durgamma and the rest of his family. Mahesh studied at St. Bede's School in Chennai while continuing to attend his dad'sfilming during holidays. Mahesh obtained an Honours Degree in Commerce from Loyola College, Chennai. He started his acting career by playing a small role in his brother Ramesh Babu's debut film, Needa (1979), at the age of 4. He was later seen in films such as Poratam (1983), Sankharavam (1987),Bazaar Rowdy (1988), Mugguru Kodukulu (1988), Gudachari 117, Koduku Diddina Kapuram (1989), Balachandrudu (1990) and Anna Tammudu (1990). Mahesh Babu acted in seven of his father's films as a childactor.
In 1999, Mahesh made his comeback as a lead actor with the movie Raja Kumarudu (1999) followed by Yuvaraju (2000) and Vamsi (2000). For his acting in Murari (2001), he bagged a Nandi Special Jury Award . Mahesh essayed the role of a cowboy in Takkari Donga (2002), which won him another Nandi Special Jury Award . He was also seen in Bobby (2002). His next film Okkadu (2003) remains as a land mark film in his career. He won his first Filmfare BestActor Award (Telugu) for this movie and his next movie Nijam (2003) won him the prestigious Nandi Award for Best Actor. He was then seenin Naani (2004) produced by his sister Manjula and Arjun (2004) produced by his brother Ramesh Babu. He received a Nandi Special Jury Award for his emotional performance in Arjun (2004). In 2005, Mahesh married Namrata Shirodkar after being in a relationship with her for almost 5 years. He also was seen in Athadu (2005) which once again won him the Nandi Award for Best Actor. His next movie, Pokiri Rajnikanth. He was listed 5th in the Times of India Online survey of the 50 Most Desirable Men in India, becoming the only South Indian to have been done so.
Namrata Shirodkar ( 9 February 2005 - present) 1 child
Son of the Legendary Telugu Movie Actor Krishna Ghattamaneni .
Brother of Ramesh Babu Ghattamaneni and Manjula Ghattamaneni .Dookudu (2011) biggest groser in tollywood.Businessman (2012) this movie was oppisit Politics,and Upcomeing Movie is Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu in Dec 21st 2012
He was voted the 5th Most Desirable Men for the year 2011 by The Times of India.
Met his wife Namrata Shirodkar on the set of his film "Vamsi".
Father of Gautam Krishna (born on 31 August 2006) and Sitara (born on 20 July 2012).Mahesh Babu win 59th filmfare award for Dookudu....

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